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Women's Institute Meeting Report

8th June 2016

This month's WI meeting had most members in tears - of laughter - thanks to the hilarious antics and banter of our return guest speaker Val Budgen-Cawsey from St. Stephen by Launceston. Observations, and demonstrations, complete with props, of the various items of underwear available to us ladies (from well-known high street stores) were very funny, as were her attempts to model them for us.

Val also amused us with anecdotes from" life at home with hubby "as well as an incident involving a neighbour and a greenhouse. She believes that we should all enjoy a daily laugh and that life is short so let's enjoy it while we can. I'll second that!

June's letter for the "Alphabet Table" was "D" and the winning item, a small, carved dolphin, was brought along by Ann Johnston.

Suggestions have been received regarding the choice of tree, and location, to be planted in the village to mark the WI centenary.twiddlemuffs

There is plenty of wool available for those who are willing to continue knitting the Twiddle Muffs. The completed 28 muffs are to be delivered to Treliske Hospital this month for Alzheimer patients. Anyone who would like to volunteer to join our knitters, do get in touch as this is an on-going project.

The forthcoming annual Week St Mary Revel is to be held in September and there will be a Revel Cake Competition during the run-up week. Details covering weight, size and ingredients, as well as type of cake for each age group will follow in July's edition of the magazine.

Next month we look forward to welcoming Marilyn Leggett who will be demonstrating the making of pickles, preserves and chutney. As we are currently in the season of soft fruits, there will also be a dish involving strawberries.

For further information please contact either of the following

Judy Hepper - WI Secretary 01288 341500 or Pam Kite - Press Officer 01288 341842

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