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In The Sky

We are indebted to Arthur Black for supplying this information.
Should you wish to communicate with Arthur, please email him at:

Below is a list of dates with notable events for the coming weeks in October 2018

  • 5th 6am Moon north of star Regulus ESE
  • 11th 645pm Moon to the right of Jupiter SW
  • 12th 645pm Moon to the left of Jupiter SW
  • 14th 645pm Moon to the right of Saturn SSW
  • 20th 8pm Moon to the left of Mars S
  • 26th 11pm Moon to the right of star Aldebaran ESE
  • 27th 11pm Moon to the left of star Aldebaran E . Betelgeuse is low in the East 
  • 31st Moon is in Orion in the East 
  • 20th to 27th Orionid Meteor shower in the East

Never look at the Sun with the naked eye or through binoculars or a telescope as doing this will blind you.

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