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In The Sky

We are indebted to Arthur Black for supplying this information.
Should you wish to communicate with Arthur, please email him at:

Below is a list of dates with notable events for the coming weeks in June 2018

  • 1st Moon close to Saturn in the south shortly after midnight with star Nunki further SSE below them.
  • 3rd Mars close to the Moon around midnight.
  • 9th Venus south of star Pollux in the NW around 1am.
  • 15th Moon south of star Pollux around 11pm.
  • 16th Moon close to Venus around 10pm WNW. Stars Pollux and Castor further to the NW.
  • 17th Moon close to stars Regulus and Algieba in the West 1030pm with Venus further WNW and lower in the horizon.
  • 18th Moon close to stars Regulus and Algieba in the West 1030pm with Venus further WNW and lower in the horizon.
  • 19th Minor planet Vesta comes to opposition in Sagittarius.
  • 21st Summer Solstice. Moon close to star Spic around 1030pm SW.
  • 22nd Moon between Jupiter and star Spica around 1030pm SSW.
  • 23rd Moon close to Jupiter around 1030pm SSW.
  • 24th Mercury south of star Pollux around 930pm.
  • 25th Moon North of star Antaris around 930pm.
  • 27th Saturn reaches opposition.


Sunrise 4.47pm 

Sunset 9.29pm


Moon rises 9.40pm in the South East


Mercury is behind the Sun but June 6th it moves East of the Sun. Mercury sets about 1015pm in the NW.

Venus (-4 to -4.1) is bright in the North West in the evening sky moving from Gemini, through Cancer and into Leo by the end of the month.

Mars (-1.2 to -2.1) is in Capricornus rising about midnight early in the month in the SE. It slows its eastward motion and begins to retrograde at the end of June.

Jupiter (-2.5 to -2.3) is in Libra in the South and continues slow retrograde motion.

Saturn (0.0) is retrograding slowly inside Sagittarius and reaches opposition on 27th June.

Saturn rises at about 10pm mid month in the SE.

Uranus (+5.9) is moving East in Aries but hidden in the dawn sky.

Neptune (+7.9) can be seen in Aquarius in the pre dawn sky.

Vesta (+5.3) This minor planet comes to opposition in Sagittarius on 19th June.


Observe highly distinctive clouds shining with an electric blue tint in the direction of the North Pole. They are the highest clouds in the atmosphere.

Summer Triangle of Stars - Deneb, Vega, Altair in the East around 11pm mid month.

Constellations and Stars:
Looking North 11pm mid month: 

Leo - Regulus - W 

Canes Venatica - W

Cancer - WNW

Ursa Major - Alioth, Merak, Dubha (The Plough) - NW

Gemini - Pollux, Castor - NW

Draco - NW to E

Lynx - NNW

Cametpardus - NNW

Auriga - Capella - NNW

Perseus - N

Ursa Minor - Kochab, Pole Star (Polaris) - N

Cassiopeia - NNE

Andromeda - NNE

Cepheus - Alderamin, Garnet Star, Delta Cephei - NNE

Pegasus - NE

Lacerta - NE

Cygnus - Deneb, M29, Albireo - ENE

Lyra - Vega - E

Vulpecula - M27 - E

Sagitta - E

Aquila - Altair - E

Delphinus - Gamma - E

Looking South 11pm mid month:

Draco - E 

Cygnus - Deneb, Sadr, M29, Albireo - E

Lyra - Vega - E

Vulpecula - M27 - E

Sagitta - E

Aquila - Altair - E

Hercules - Rasalgethi - SE

Serpens Cauda - SE

Ophiuchus - SE

Corona Borealis - S

Serpens Caput - Unukalhi - S

Scorpius - Antares, Dschubba - S

Libra - S

Bootes - SW

Virgo - Arcturus, Spica - SW

Corvus - SW

Canes Venatici - W

Leo - Regulus - W

Cancer - W

Never look at the Sun with the naked eye or through binoculars or a telescope as doing this will blind you.

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