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On a clear night, you can see...
We are indebted to Arthur Black for supplying this information.
Should you wish to communicate with Arthur, please email him at:
The Night Sky
April 2018:
2nd Saturn overtakes Mars in Sagittarius in the SE around 6am 30 minutes before sunrise.
4th Moon close to star Antares 1130pm.
7th Moon close to Mars 615pm.
8th Moon is near Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius.
17th Moon close to Venus in the West 830pm .
18th Moon approaching star Aldebaran in the West 830pm.
19th Eta Aquariid meteor shower until 26th May.
22nd/23rd Maximum activity of Lyrid meteor shower NE
24th Moon close to star Regulus in Leo in the South 9pm.
30th Moon near Jupiter around 1130pm SE
Venus - visible in the evenings WNW. Sets about 10pm.
Jupiter - Rising just after 10pm mid month in Libra in the SE. All four of its Gallilean moons can be seen through a telescope.
Saturn - rises about 230am in SE.
Mars - rises about 315am in SE.

Rises 609am
Sets 805pm

Constellations looking North 11pm BST on April 15th:
Constellation - Star Direction
Canis Minor - Procyon W
Orion - Orions Belt, Betelgeuse W
Gemini - Pollux, Castor W
Taurus - Aldebaran, Pleiades WNW
Auriga - Capella NW
Perseus - Algenib NW
Comelopardus - NW
Andromeda - NNW
Cassiopeia - NGC457 N
Cepheus - Alderamin, Alfirk N
Ursa Minor - Pole Star (Polaris), Kucab N
Cygnus - Deneb NE
Draco - NE
Lyra - Vega NE
Hercules - E
Corona Borealis - E
Ursa Major - E
Bootes - E
Serpens Caput - E

Constellations looking South 11pm BST on April 15th:
Constellation - Star Direction

Hercules - E
Ursa Major - E
Corona Borealis - E
Bootes - Arcturus E
Libra - SE
Virgo - Spica SE
Coma Berenices - ESE
Corvus - S
Crater - S
Leo - Denebola, Sickle, Regulus S
Hydra - Alphard S
Cancer - Praesepe, M44 SW
Canis Minor - Procyon SSW
Gemini - Pollux, Caster W
Lynx - W
Orion - Orions Belt, Betelgeuse W
Auriga - W

Never look at the Sun with the naked eye or through binoculars or a telescope as doing this will blind you.

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